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    Dpsi micro remote control switch em sls

    Dpsi micro remote control switch em sls

    REM11065  (Emcotec)

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    Remote switch DPSI Micro RCS (Remote Control Switch)
    R/C controlled electronic switch with deep discharge protection e. g. suitable for ignition systems.

    Electronic, transmitter controlled switch.
    Infinitely adjustable switch point and switching direction.
    Enables the ignition system to be turned off at idle via the gas trim button.
    Programmable deep discharge monitor for 5 to 10 cell NiCd/NiMH or 2 and 3 cell Lithium Ion/Lithium Polymer batteries.
    Programmable deep discharge protection with automatic low-voltage cutoff.
    Programmable failsafe cutoff function for incorrect or missing receiver impulses.
    LED for status control and error checking.
    Two optocouplers for separation of receiver and power circuitry.
    For up to 12V and 10A/20A switching capacity.
    Double electronic on/off switch providing high impulse current immunity.
    JR/universal connectors with high quality, silicone insulated wiring (AWG20 cross section.
    Receiver control cable made of high quality PVC wiring.
    All connectors are gold plated and "Made in Germany".
    For use with receivers from 2V to 8.4V.

    Hint: Due to the safety functions of the DPSI Micro RCS HighSpeed servos (e. g. Futaba HS with 7ms pulse rate) will be detected as corrupt, switching on is not possible. That`s why a RCS will not work at HS outputs. The safety function detects an error when the pulse rate is smaller than 10ms.