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  • Dpsi singlebat switch/mic emc 7.2v f3a

    Dpsi singlebat switch/mic emc 7.2v f3a

    REM11064  (Emcotec)

    1399.00 each


    Compact LiPo regulator with magnet switch transmitter and selectable output voltage. Suitable for 5/6cell NiCad/NiMH as well as LiIon/LiPo and LiFePo4 batteries. Regulated and stabilized output voltage 5.9 volts or 7.2 volts adjustable.
    Electronically On/Off-switch for complete contact less switching operation with an external magnet from outside.
    The used battery type and the low voltage detection can be programmed. Intelligent voltage monitoring with optical error indication.
    Designed for 5 up to a max. of 10 servos. Supports 4A continuous current and 25A peak current. For small engine models up to approx. 2 meters wingspan, glider planes up to approx. 3 meters wing span, impeller jets or helicopters.

    Battery connector cable JR socket with flexible silicone strand 0.5 mm²/AWG21 cross section.
    Dual JR/Uni connectors with high grade silicone strand 0.5 mm²/AWG21 cross section on output side.
    All connectors are gold plated (FCI contacts).

    Notice: The switching off process of DPSI works with a hall effect sensor. Hall effect sensors can be influenced by magnet fields. It is possible that the DPSI switches off when exposed to a very strong magent field (i.g. electric drive). Current-carrying cables generate a magnet field. So please run all cables which are carrying a high current (>100A) with a distance of at least 3cm (1.18in) from the DPSI.