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  • Orastick fluor neon-pink C

    Orastick fluor neon-pink C

    OS14  (Oracover)

    466.05 2m


    ORASTICK® self-adhesive fluorescent colours are popular for finishing as the high luminosity of the fluorescent colours makes spotting the flying position of the model much easier.

    NOTE: Due to the specific nature of fluorescent pigments fluor. colours are not permanent. Depending on the amount of UV-radiation they are exposed to, there is always the possibility of fading and a decrease of radiance.

    ORASTICK® pressure-sensitive, heat-set, self-adhesive covering film
    ORACOVER® and ORASTICK® share the same unique qualities and can easily be applied together on the same model. The main difference is the adhesive: while the ORACOVER® adhesive is thermo-active, ORASTICK® is self-adhesive.