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  • Fueling valve dubro large scale (gas)

    Fueling valve dubro large scale (gas)

    ADB0611  (Du-Bro Acc.)

    438.00 set


    Du-Bro Large Scale Fueling Valve For Gasoline Part No: 611 Du-Bro has taken innovation to its finest and produced a large scale
    fueling valve featuring a new press on dust cover to keep dirt and
    oil from getting into the valve.
    Designed to work with 1/8” I.D. and 5/32” I.D. tubing, our new
    Large Scale Fueling Valve allows a higher volume of fuel to enter
    the carburetor and fill your fuel tank faster.
    As larger airplanes are increasing in popularity, Du-Bro has again
    satisfied consumer demand for innovative products. Comes complete
    with fueling probe. 1/pkg.