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  • Servo jeti mini 8.5/9.5kg .10/.09sec  hv

    Servo jeti mini 8.5/9.5kg .10/.09sec hv

    RDSHV-3D8T  (Jeti)


    The J3D8.5T is a precise full-metal digital servo for large models. "Mini" size.
    High torque and speed
    High voltage
    Precision metal gearbox
    Ball bearings
    Aluminium case

    Weight [g] 39,7
    Supply Voltage [V] 3.8 ... 8.4
    Torque (6V) [kg/cm] 6.9
    Torque (7.4V) [kg/cm] 8.5
    Torque (8.2V) [kg/cm] 9.5
    Speed (6V) [s] 0.12
    Speed (7.4V) [s] 0.10
    Speed (8.2V) [s] 0.09
    Max. current (7.4V) [A] 2.4
    Motor Coreless DC
    Ball bearings 2
    Gearbox material metal
    Compatible horn (Ø6mm) 25-teeth Spline (Futaba compatible