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  • Quad and multi-axis navi light gtp sls

    Quad and multi-axis navi light gtp sls

    CGTQNL  (GT Power)


    GT power Led light navigation system with 7 operating modes for RC Drone Quadcopter multi-axis aircraft.
    *Multi-axis airplane navigation light: Indicator light flashing and on / off
    *Power supply mode: Obtain the energy from the receiver channel
    *Power supply: 5 V
    *Cable length:
    - Standard cable of 60 cm for each LED
    - 30 cm for control cable
    *Control Mode:
    - Insert in the switch channel and cycle control
    -7 modes like off / flashing / slow
    -Flashing / constant light / etc.

    1 * Intermittent module and controller
    1 * High power red LED
    1 * High power white LED
    1 * High power green LED
    1 * High power blue LED