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  • Camera gtp fpv v1 420tvl

    Camera gtp fpv v1 420tvl

    CGTFPVCAM  (GT Power)


    Digital camera model V1 with a resolution in 420TVL you can view images in real time on the screen. FPV system designed for application on Drones, Helicopters and RC Cars. Equipped with a microphone placed on the front you can hear the sounds of the surrounding environment.Excellent and reliable, you can install it safely thanks to the support bracket. Basic feature CAMERA WATERPROOF: can also be used in unfavorable atmospheric conditions. All-metal case for safe use.

    Cable: DC 12V
    - Lens opening : 3.6mm -420TVL High Resolution
    - Weight: 200gr
    - CAMERA DIMENSIONS : - 37mm x 37mm x 14mm
    - Cable length : 50cm

    -Case and Metal support bracket
    - DSP digital signal technology for processing
    - Image stabilization technology
    - Automatic adaptation of digital noise reduction

    -Voltage: DC 12V
    -Weight: 200 grams
    -Aperture lens: 3.6mm
    420 TVL High Resolution
    -HD infrared waterproof

    - Latest DSP digital signal processing technology
    - Exclusive latest program
    - Image stabilization technology
    - Automatically adapted digital noise reduction